Centro Universitário La Salle – Unilasalle
Law and Society Post-graduation Program

Av Victor Barreto 2288
92010-000 Canoas
Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil



Cristiane Fagundes de Oliveira
Cristiane Catarina Fagundes de Oliveira has her master’s degree from UFRGS/RS and her PhDfrom USP/SP, both focused in Public Law. She is currently professor at Unilasalle with Research Project in urban housing regularity in cities as Porto Alegre and Canoas. She has also been working for the last 20 years as a city attorney in Porto Alegre. A city attorney is a lawyer, appointed after public selection, who represents the city in civil claims, for example, and handles all legal matters for the city, giving legal advice for the city departments and drafting laws to be proposed by the Mayor in the city council chamber.



Fiammetta Bonfigli
Fiammetta Bonfigli has a degree in Law at Università degli studi di Milano with a thesis on prison system in the spanish transition to democracy – MA in Sociology of Law at International Institute for the Sociology of Law (Onati, Spain, 2010/11), got her PhD at the University of Milan on 2014: “Immigration, security, neighbourhood: a study on Milan and Madrid”. She is in the Post Doctoral Program in Unilasalle since 2014 with a research on urban security, urban violence, social movements issues. Fiammetta is the coordinator in 2014 of the socio-legal journal REDES of UnilaSalle- Canoas. She has published articles in Spain, Portugal, Brasil and Netherlands.



Daniel Achutti
Daniel Silva Achutti holds a PhD in Criminal Sciences at PUCRS (2012), with study period at the University of Leuven – Belgium (2010/2011 – with CAPES). He received a Master in Criminal Sciences at PUCRS (2006). He is a Permanent Master Professor in Law Unilasalle (Brazil) and he is currently the Coordinator and Professor of Law School of Unilasalle (Brazil). Daniel is a Member of the Special Commission for Mediation and Restorative Practices of Brazilian Bar Association. He has published the book Justiça Restaurativa e Abolicionismo Penal (Restorative Justice and Penal Abolitinism) in 2014 (Saraiva Press – Brazil), which got the second place for the Jabuti Prize (law category). He has experience in the area of law, with emphasis in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Criminology, Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice.


Marcos Catalan
Marcos Catalan is Doctor summa cum laude in Civil Law at USP/SP. He received a Master of Negotiation Law from the State University of Londrina. Marcos graduated in Law from the State University of Maringa. He is permanent Professor in Master in Law and Society Unilasalle, and Professor of Civil Law at Unisinos. He was invited as a Speaker at several events in Brazil and abroad, in Spain (Sevilla, Valencia, Oñati), France (Toulouse), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Portugal (Beja), Argentina (Rosario, Mar del Plata), Cuba (La Habanna ), Nicaragua (León), Peru (Lima) and Uruguay (Punta del Este). He has written 5 individual books, around 40 texts in collective books or co-authored and approximately fifty scientific papers published in specialized magazines in Brazil and abroad, as well as a few hundred bibliographic production and (or) techniques.